Article surveillance

Our innovative security solutions in the area of article surveillance offer a modern design, sophisticated functionality, reliability, and high quality. To cover customer-specific needs, we offer RF and AM systems from different manufacturers. Our portfolio offers the right option for every product group. With its colour and visual flexibility (such as varnish, printed acrylic glass inlays or laser-printed logos), the security solution can be unobtrusively integrated into your store. New technologies have been designed in such a way that they do not affect customers when shopping. For example, wireless article surveillance allows for the unrestricted testing of a device.

Article surveillance systems are mainly used in retail, trading firms, and department stores, where inventory differences due to theft can be reduced substantially. In pharmacies, drugstores, boutiques, supermarkets, DIY stores, opticians shops, sports shops, the textiles trade, and gas stations, etc., thefts are committed everywhere. Article surveillance has become an important part of securing your own goods. Protect everything against theft, from textiles, food and sports goods to consumer electronics.

Cable security is primarily used when you are displaying high-quality, theft-prone electronic products. This way, you can increase sales promotion and at the same time secure the goods against theft. The customer has the opportunity to extensively test the product. An alarm is triggered whenever the safety cable is cut, the sensor is torn off, or the device leaves a predefined zone.

lnVue Security – world market leader for product and cable security

lnVue has been offering innovative and high-quality products since 2007. The special feature that makes lnVue stand out from its competitors is that the customers are involved in the manufacturing of the products and that they thus benefit from the simple handling of these products. All solutions are designed to help customers increase their profitability by minimizing merchandise theft and thereby improving sales.

lnVue Series 3000 – the wireless security for the ultimate customer experience

The Series 3000 is the first wireless security system for smartphones, tablets and VR goggles that gives your customers an unrestricted shopping experience within a preset radius. A discreet preliminary alert shows your customers that they are leaving the test area. Thanks to the intelligent charging function, the demo device is gently charged so that it is always operational.


lnVue OneKEY – powerful security key solution

Secure your goods with an innovative security key. The lnVue OneKey ecosystem, with its unique technology, protects mobile devices and tablets, electronic accessories, merchandise on shelves, packaged goods, merchandise in enclosed display cases, and mobile test equipment from theft. In addition, the opening of display cases, drawers and other storage furniture can be controlled. The innovative system is specifically coded for each store. It frees your goods from the protection if required and opens storage furniture quickly and smoothly.


lnVue Insight – keep an eye on your business activities

lnVue Insight provides you with a transparent overview of all activities within your shop. This innovative security solution covers planogram matches, customer interactions, performance and communication status, and a variety of security events. The cloud-based solution uses sensors to filter data out of connected mobile devices and sends it to a web portal. Increase your sales, marketing solutions, merchandising and other operational goals.


lnVue OnePOD Series – scalable solution for the retail trade

The lnVue OnePOD Series integrates multiple article surveillance solutions into one system. The promotional OnePOD Series covers multiple security levels in addition to the clear design. This series offers the perfect solution for every retailer, from a quick and easy security solution to a cross-merchandising capability, or high security. Even the brackets of some products are universally and specifically adapted to the particular device used. The lnVue OnePOD Series is compatible with the lnVue IR key as well as the software solutions.


lnVue T1000 – the innovative solution for securing hanging goods

For years, retailers have been looking for solutions to increase sales of hanging goods while solving the associated theft problem at the same time. The ideal solution has been developed with lnVue T1000. As the first self-service device on the market, lnVue T1000 stops thieves with its function, and not your customers. lnVue has developed a time-delay dispenser that prevents thieves from stealing hanging goods. How does it work? After having pressed the easy-to-use push-button “Push”,, your customer can remove one product at a time. Due to the subsequent time-delayed product delivery by means of the 5-second release, your customer can only then withdraw the next product.


lnVue Access Manager Enterprise – cloud-based solution

This innovative solution combines the OneKEY security solution with assessment and floor space allocation capabilities. Keep an eye on your business by assigning individual PINs to your employees, which control access to the store, departments, or even doors and drawers. Prevent internal theft through transparency, thus increasing your turnover. Access Manager works with PODs, portable devices, smart locks, commercial solutions, and smart keys. The collected data is then sent to the cloud and can be retrieved on various digital devices even mobile.


InVue Zips IoT Platform - Universal display platform for smart home technology devices.

Easily accommodates a wide range of device shapes and sizes Alarm unit can be mounted under counter allowing for a clean design. Scalable: allowing you to upgrade to higher security as needed…and at a minimal investment Integration with Zips platform and the complete InVue OneKEY ecosystem™


Zips! Simple. Fast. Secure

Zips is versatile and scalable, featuring alarm, power and high security options with a wide range of powered and non-powered sensors for unlimited applications. The cost-effective and modularly expandable security solution


OneKEY – Cable Lock

The only soft goods security solution not vulnerable to magnets Secure: Cannot be defeated by magnets; Disarm/Unlock with InVue OneKEY Design: Elegant design matches high-end aesthetics of protected merchandise Easy to Apply: Quick and easy to install with an audible “chirp” when armed Versatile: Ideal for a wide range of products in retail stores


OneKEY - Bottle Cap’s

The only bottle safety device that cannot be manipulated with magnets. Prevents theft and on-site consumption of wine and/or spirits in bottles. Simple application and tightening process One push of a button to lock; part of the OneKEY ecosystem™ Compatible with AM or RF gate detection Available in three sizes - small, medium and large


OnePOD – Camera

Ideal for presentation and protection of DSLR and compact cameras. Easy and quick to install security solution with power supply for all brands. An innovative and invisible lens cover ensures an unrestricted customer experience. Compatible with InVue Access Manager and available in white or black.


Solutions for Mobile Carriers

The optimal solution for innovative Mobile Carriers/ Telco's. A combination of scalable OnePod security with powerful software and the patented OneKey ecosystem is the perfect solution for future-oriented Mobile Carriers.


MicroSigns is a digital signage software with many advantages

MicroSigns gives you complete control over updating pricing and promotions across multiple stores. Centralized content management ensures consistent communication across your stores. Thus your prices are always up to date. Interactive user experience promotes customer interaction with your sales products. You automatically gain detailed insights into buying behavior.