What to look for when buying a surveillance camera

January 15, 2019

Six tips for buying surveillance cameras

Video surveillance systems have been standard in all major corporations and on private land since the late 1970s. Technical innovations such as wireless WiFi and the Internet of Things (IOT) have revolutionized video surveillance in recent years, opening up new possibilities for configuring intelligent and complete security systems.

The Telsec systems are fashioned exactly to the wishes of the customers and bring different features with them. Before buying your surveillance system, we will discuss the following points:

1. Where should your surveillance system be used?

Surveillance cameras are used in different environments and at different times of the day. Indoor home surveillance equipment needs features other than outdoor cameras to intelligently detect potential threats. Together we set the location for your camera in front of the camera.

Get tight and plan the careful placement. The more information you can give about where you want to place the desired surveillance camera, the easier it will be for our Telsec employees to find a suitable system for your purposes. Our security technology experts develop individual security concepts for our customers and install each surveillance camera safely and reliably in efficient locations.

Examples of sites of surveillance systems

  • Business premises (burglary alarm systems)
  • entrance areas of offices and homes (video surveillance)
  • storage and break rooms (control of work processes)
  • Private premises (control and entertainment)

2. The legal basis

The far-reaching protection of personal rights and the right to one’s own image in Switzerland limit the use of open and hidden camera systems for surveillance. In principle, it is forbidden to make publicly accessible rooms and neighboring plots accessible by a camera. This means that even systems are not allowed to direct by pivoting function or zoom on foreign soil and especially on strangers. For the installation of surveillance cameras in business and storage areas, a comprehensible reason or a concrete suspicion of fraud is necessary. At Telsec ESS Schweiz AG, we guarantee compliance with all legal requirements.

3. Focal length and resolution

The correct resolution is a crucial factor when taking pictures. Which resolution is right for your security system, depends on the individual purpose. If the face of a burglar can not be recognized, it is difficult to use a shot in court, for example. Modern lenses of surveillance cameras can be manually adjusted or automatically capture moving targets in high resolution. As the Swiss market leader for security solutions, Telsec offers state-of-the-art surveillance technology that allows you to specifically capture movements and faces.

4. How is the data recorded?

Our security experts use different data carrier systems for different environments. Depending on the location and purpose of your surveillance camera, Telsec’s experts use systems with built-in storage or networked external storage systems. Which system is suitable for your safety, we discuss in the first consultation. Thanks to our professional IT know-how, we can easily coordinate hardware and software and adapt it to your requirements. We can also modernize existing systems without any problem.

There are no security holes and you can always rely on your video surveillance system. Would you like to record everything or just have a look on the go via smartphone or tablet? Modern cameras offer not only continuous recording but also recording when events occur. For example, they only draw when motion is detected by the camera. At Telsec, we tailor security systems to your exact requirements and provide the right hardware and software to store data.

5. Hardware and software functions

Depending on the location and purpose of a monitoring system, certain hardware and software functions are helpful. Only with the appropriate night vision function can unlit rooms be monitored at night. Modern systems can be controlled via app and provide an insight into what’s happening at home at any time. Our Telsec security experts will gladly assist you in choosing surveillance systems with useful extras such as night vision, face and license plate recognition, and advanced video analytics features.

6. Safety is a question of quality

In case of emergency, the quality of a security system can decide on the insurance coverage and the judicability of evidence. The Telsec corporate concept therefore includes a high quality guarantee: We use first-class hardware and software of the highest technical standard in order to offer our customers maximum security and a complete overview. Thanks to our years of experience in the field of security technology, we can also create complex systems for evaluating images and link them with user-friendly apps.

If you would like to better protect your sales rooms or private premises, please contact us by phone or e-mail for a non-binding consultation. Our Telsec experts develop a custom-made camera surveillance system with first-class technology. In doing so, we adhere to the given price range and assemble exclusively reliable quality goods.

All important aspects when buying surveillance cameras at a glance:

  • Location and purpose (indoor vs. outdoor, theft protection, burglary prevention, suspected fraud)
  • Privacy and legal requirements
  • Focal length and resolution
  • Data recording and playback
  • Technical extras
  • Quality