What are the advantages of a burglar alarm system?

June 26, 2019

Intelligent security solutions, such as burglar alarm systems, help companies protect valuables, data and people from unauthorized access by third parties. In an emergency, various detectors trigger an alarm. The burglary or theft is thwarted or at least disturbed. Such a signaling system has even more decisive advantages for the protection of commercial properties, shops and offices.

Burglar Alarm Systems: More safety for businesses

For companies, securing your business and office space is essential. It must be protected valuables and also data. The latter include, for example, the data of employees and customers. Even sensitive or private documents must be secure against access by unauthorized third parties. Innovative safety systems are essential for this. An intruder alarm system, simply EMA , is used for the effective protection of objects and persons.

EMAs are among the hazard detection systems. Thanks to technical innovations, EMAs are now more powerful than ever before. Depending on the variant, such a monitoring system consists of various detectors and reporting systems that complement each other sensibly.

On the one hand, these sensors automatically trigger an alarm. In other cases, the alarm systems are manually operated, as is the case with an emergency button. Depending on the protection concept, the components of such a safety system include motion detectors, magnetic contacts, glass breakage detectors and vibration detectors which sound an alarm during detection. Also photoelectric barriers are common, especially for a perimeter protection to detect intruders already in the open area in front of the building. In addition, there are often other detectors, such as smoke and water detectors. Intelligent security systems can be expanded precisely to meet your individual needs.

Intruder alarm systems protect vaults and cash desks

The alarm is usually triggered acoustically – by siren. The alarm system is particularly effective when coupled with an alarm receiving center. In the event of an alarm, support services are then notified directly by the central office. Police or security services can then act as soon as possible to protect your property.

Intruder alarm systems are suitable, among other things, for the protection of strongrooms and cash desks. An EMA is also useful for offices with sensitive data or billing offices. Burglar alarm systems take up little space and can be installed very discreetly on request.

High-quality and powerful burglar alarm systems are the most effective protection against burglars and thieves. Other effective systems, such as a fogger, can be combined to protect your business from burglary and theft. Even with mechanical safety systems such as latches and grids, the monitoring systems can be optimally combined.

EMAs scare off potential burglars

Burglars usually choose the path of least resistance. An object is in their view particularly attractive for a burglary when it is poorly understood and insufficiently secured. Conversely, if a burglar feels that an object is well-controlled, they rarely risk such a crime. You do not want to get caught. Many thieves and burglars can be deterred by well-visible alarm systems. Even clear signs fulfill this purpose.

Companies that have installed a burglar alarm system tend to be less likely to be targeted for burglary and theft. Damage does not occur in many cases. If it does break in, EMAs help keep the damage to a minimum – partly because their loud alarm signal alerts others to the incident.

An alarm system notifies people nearby

A key advantage of burglar alarm systems is the alarm that they trigger when needed. The siren is loud and often heard well in the surrounding area. This makes it more likely that people who are around will hear the alarm. They can then call for help by informing the police or the owner.

Even persons in the monitored area are alerted to the security risk by the alarm sound. This will allow you to intervene quickly and provide assistance services.

Not only the actual alarm helps to make surrounding persons aware of the crime. Innovative security systems also notify the owner and other people depending on the settings made. Modern security systems are also equipped with useful features such as a live display of the associated cameras.

However, the shrill alarm signal has another important advantage: it disturbs the burglar in his act.

An EMA shortens the duration of the burglary

A burglar usually chooses an object that is supposedly poorly monitored. The reason is obvious: He wants to go undetected – and steal objects or documents undisturbed. If the shrill alarm sounds, the thief probably did not expect it. Surprised, in many cases, he sets everything to quickly leave the crime scene, so as not to be discovered.

Therefore, an EMA helps to shorten the duration of a break-in. For owners, this means that less valuables are stolen. Ideally, the burglar escapes from the building without ever having stolen anything. Without an alarm system, a burglar, however, continue with his move undisturbed. An innovative security system effectively minimizes the period of the attempted intrusion.

A burglar alarm system notifies auxiliary services

Intelligent security systems can not only minimize the damage caused by a break-in attempt. If required, modern alarm systems also automatically provide assistance services such as a commissioned security service in the event of an emergency. So you can react as quickly as possible to the burglary attempt. This makes it more likely that the burglar has no success with his act.

Understandable services such as the police are at the scene of the crime as quickly as possible through the reporting system. This increases the likelihood that the offender can still be caught on the spot.

Valuable aid in the reconstruction of a burglary

The rate of detection of burglary offenses is often comparatively low. Without security system with video surveillance or accidental witnesses of the burglary, the thief escapes mostly unseen. Afterwards, to catch him is very difficult in many cases. After all, there are usually no indications of the perpetrators without camera records, testimonies or DNA traces.

The situation is different when an innovative security system monitors the building. In many cases, burglaries and thefts can be reconstructed very precisely. How did the perpetrator get into the building, where did he move? How did he behave? The integrated cameras often provide numerous pictures of the offender or offenders. These shots help identify the burglar and prove him the crime. Using the security system apps, it is also possible to view live images of the intrusion attempt. This allows you to act quickly to limit the damage.

Lower insurance premium thanks to alarm system

Insurances are essential in order to avoid being stuck in the event of burglary or theft. If the specific conditions are met, the insurance pays the damage and replaces the stolen valuables. However, such insurance is often expensive, especially with larger buildings and high coverage. The installation of an alarm reporting system may, in certain cases, lead to lower insurance premiums.

Insurance companies often provide premium discounts when an alarm system secures the building or premises. Ask your insurer if and how much discount is possible. Pay attention to the details. In some cases, some insurance companies pay less if the alarm system is not switched on even though the building was abandoned.

Security systems convey a sense of security

Alarm reporting systems have another important advantage: they convey a sense of security. People who are in such monitored areas usually feel much better protected. The psychological effect associated with security systems can be enormous – another good reason to have your commercial property or office monitored using a smart alarm system.

Modern and powerful burglar alarm systems from TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG

At TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG, we offer you effective and technically innovative burglary alarm systems. Its modular design is suitable for tailor-made individual protection concepts for you. The Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion Alarm Security System is a functional system that protects you and your employees. It is used to detect intrusions and alert the environment. It is also suitable as an access control system with an intelligent authorization system.

Our security systems are also cloud-enabled, which makes operation and management very easy. Additional features such as built-in cameras and remote configuration make the Vanderbilt SPC intruder alarm security system powerful. The operation is very easy and intuitive. The alarm systems can be easily controlled and monitored via an app. The settings can be changed and users allowed.

Useful additions to your security system

In addition, the burglary alarm system can be supplemented with other systems as needed. Here, for example, offers the PROTECT fogger. The associated fog cannons keep burglars and thieves from the planned act. The PROTECT fogger is activated by the burglar alarm system connected to it. Within a few seconds, the mist sprayed in the event of an alarm effectively reduces the visibility to just a few centimeters. Thus, intruders invading people lose their orientation.

After about an hour, the fog disappears without residue. It does not damage your inventory. In addition, you can supplement your alarm system with additional accessories as needed, such as with a stroboscope or a special siren.