What are security systems and how do they work?

March 27, 2019

In your own home you want to feel safe. Special security systems make your home or apartment safer and protect your home from burglaries. The effective solutions we offer you at Telsec ESS Switzerland AG reflect the latest technological developments. We cooperate with well-known partners in the security industry to deliver the highest quality.

Make it difficult for burglars and thieves with intelligent security systems

There are many ways to make getting into your own home as unattractive as possible to burglars. On the one hand, this concerns the environment and specifics of one’s own living space. For example, a well-located property is less likely to be targeted by burglars than one hidden behind hedges, walls, or dense trees. The density of colonization – and thus possible observation by neighbors – also plays a role.

Mechanical details are also important. Safe windows and doors make it difficult for burglars to pry it up. Do not leave a window tilted when you leave the house. For burglars, it is often a matter of seconds before they open a tilted window. You should also protect your cellar against intruders – for example, with the effective grid protection systems from Telsec ESS Schweiz AG.

Burglars prefer objects that are obvious or very likely to have just left. When the inhabitants are away, the burglars strike. The shutters should be open about and the mailbox should be emptied regularly. A timer helps you to temporarily light the house. This also deterred possible burglars.

A burglary also leaves psychological damage

Protection against burglaries is not just about preventing material damage. The psychological burden of a burglary is particularly serious for many people affected. Anyone who has been the victim of a burglary often does not feel safe in their own home – even when the door is locked and the windows are locked. Protect yourself so that there is no break-in.

Particularly effective protection is provided by various innovative security solutions which we offer you at Telsec ESS Schweiz AG. Our high quality systems are extremely safe and suitable for a variety of specific purposes. We will gladly advise you personally which system best suits your needs and which options you have.

Reliable security systems: alarm systems

One of the best known options for protecting your own home is an alarm system. It serves as effective protection against burglary. If it is clear that an object is secured with an alarm system, this is a deterrent to burglars. A break-in is therefore unlikely. If a burglary takes place, the burglar is startled by the alarm signal. The offender will in most cases make an effort to leave the house or apartment as soon as possible. As a result, he has no time to steal valuable items and cause major damage to your furniture.

The siren of an alarm system not only notifies residents, but also neighbors. Even with an intervention company, the security system can be coupled, which can muster a police patrol. Then the helpers are automatically notified of the break-in as soon as the alarm goes off.

Additional options for burglar alarm systems

You can easily control our alarm systems yourself. Together, we will consider which options are suitable for you in detail. Telsec ESS Schweiz AG offers more than 50 different types of detectors. Depending on the variant, you can determine immediately if a window breaks or a door is opened. Other sensors detect vibrations or inclinations. Motion detectors trigger alarms for movements of all kinds. Again, we have many different variants for you.

You can also protect your garden or yard with detectors, for example with infrared or laser barriers. You can manage the alarm system simply by using an app or online.

You can extend the burglary alarm system with additional security solutions. One option is a fogger. A break-in requires quick action. The first minutes are crucial. The fogger obfuscates the room, so that the burglar hardly sees anything. He only sees what is in front of him and thus has no orientation. The fog effect works for about an hour. It leaves no residue on walls or furniture and contains no toxic substances.

Video surveillance

A popular security system is monitoring a house or property with a video camera. The digital cameras are connected to a recording device. You can always keep an eye on the livestream of the camera via the PC or an app. In addition, the records are saved so that you can view them later.

Video cameras help you or your government to reconstruct what happened in a given time. This can be used to transfer thieves. Multiple systems can be interconnected if required so that they can be centrally controlled. This allows you to easily monitor larger objects. At Telsec ESS Switzerland AG, we work with renowned security companies such as Axis, Nuuo and Milestone on this security option.

With our video camera solutions you are legally on the safe side

Private video surveillance is legally limited. You should know and adhere to these legal restrictions if you want to install surveillance cameras. With us as a reliable partner at your side, you can be sure that everything legally complies with the regulations. We take care of compliance with the legal requirements when installing your security camera

Electronic access control

Most houses or individual rooms are protected only with a lock. In some cases, however, this does not provide sufficient protection against the intrusion of unauthorized persons. Modern intelligent security systems promise you the highest safety standards. These solutions include electronic access control.

With the access control you can secure a certain area, for example a room of the house or of course the whole house. You determine which persons have access to these premises. Other people can not enter the area. This not only ensures more safety. Even the worry of losing the key is a thing of the past with this technology.

Your options for electronic access control

In access control we work with different variants. What is suitable depends on the circumstances and of course on your ideas and preferences. The fingerprint scanner is very popular and gives you maximum security. In such a secured area, only those whose fingerprint is recognized as authorized can enter. The technology works contactless. So you do not have to put your finger directly on the terminal. You operate the finger scanner via the associated app. They manage which persons are allowed to enter and which are not. You can store up to several thousand different fingerprints.

Not only your front door, but also your garage, the garden gate or your alarm system can be secured with a finger scanner. If you want to grant access to third parties that are not generally allowed access, you can specify exceptions in the settings. In this way, it is possible to let a babysitter or a cleaner at certain times in the house. This is especially useful because these people can then enter your home while you are away.

Other ways to secure your home with access control

The iris scanner is also an effective security solution for your home. The iris of a human almost does not change in the course of life. Therefore, the eye of a person can be reliably used to identify them. With the iris scanner you can grant access to authorized persons and deny access to unauthorized persons. Access control using an iris scanner is one of the safest variants. Only people with eye disease can only use this technology to a limited extent if their iris changes as a result of the disease. We would be happy to advise you personally, too.

At Telsec ESS Schweiz AG, we offer a vein scanner as an additional option for access control. Human veins maintain their structure for almost a lifetime. This applies to adult people. Based on the specific structure of the veins, the venous scanner detects who wants to enter. This is how you individually determine which persons are allowed to enter a room or the house and to whom access should be denied.

Our access control systems use the user-friendly technologies of TOUCHLESS BIOMETRIC SYSTEMS AG. The Swiss company is considered to be the market leader in biometric systems and meets the highest security requirements, so that you can feel safe in your home at any time.