Surveillance camera: These are the advantages

October 4, 2019

Whether supermarket, administration building or multi-storey car park – in the public eye, a fully developed safety system has long been proven. Now companies and private households are following suit. Professional video surveillance should increase security standards. But what are the advantages of the surveillance camera?

Surveillance camera for your own home

Security for family and property

2012 was a dark year for Switzerland: more than 61,000 burglaries took place at that time. That’s almost 170 offences a day. In the meantime, the number of burglaries has fallen steadily. Nevertheless, in 2018 alone 30,383 criminal offences were recorded – about 83 per day. And what’s worse, only a fraction of them catch the perpetrators.

These figures alone speak for a surveillance camera in your own home. After all, not only the financial, but also the psychological damage weighs heavily. If someone has penetrated your most private rooms without authorization, you no longer feel safe. Video surveillance can possibly save you the financial and psychological burden.

Around the clock she has her property in view for you. Even if you’re not at home right now, you know it’s in safe hands. Whether high-end, standard, digital or wireless – with the high-quality video surveillance from TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG you won’t miss a thing. So you can do your shopping without hesitation or start your holiday trip.
theft prevention

Who commits the most thefts? The police speak of occasional offenders. If a potential thief feels unobserved in a moment, he takes his chance. He’s tampering with your property. If, however, he feels observed, he often refrains from his plans. It is not for nothing that the surveillance camera in your own home is regarded as the ideal theft prevention.

crime detection

Despite exemplary theft and burglary prevention, someone was able to gain access to your property. Now you’ve got a long investigation ahead of you. With a surveillance camera, reconnaissance can possibly be accelerated. If thieves are brave enough to try to steal from you despite your surveillance equipment, your surveillance cameras will help you catch them red-handed. Especially high-resolution models with HD quality such as those from the renowned manufacturers AXIS, Nuuo, Milestone or Dahua support the search for criminals. With a moderate image resolution the identification of the perpetrator is much more difficult.

Surveillance of house occupants

Not only outside the house does a surveillance camera pay off. It is also worth keeping a watchful eye on the house itself – especially on roommates who need a lot of care. This is especially the case with babies, pets and the elderly.

Technical replacement for the Housesitter

You’re going on vacation for two weeks. A longer business trip is pending. Over the weekend you can’t see for yourself. But who will keep an eye on your home in the meantime?

It used to be the house sitter, now it’s the security camera. Whether doors, windows or valuables – compact cameras such as the AXIS Dome Camera with Vario Focus Lens have the overview when you don’t have it. However, the surveillance assistants do not act like a foreign body. Thanks to their unobtrusive design, they blend unnoticed into the rest of the interior.

Monitor remote locations

A large plot of land is not always a blessing. You quickly lose sight of the many square meters. Whether shed, garden house, garage or carport – those who cannot and do not want to monitor everything themselves will receive active support from the surveillance camera.

Are you worried about the legal basis? TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG can reassure you. Our experienced employees take care of the legal details and assure you at all times that you are in compliance with the Privacy Policy. With us you are on the safe side.

Surveillance camera for companies

Protection against vandalism

Again your company has become a victim of vandalism? You’re not alone in this. Every day, commercial buildings are exposed to deliberate destruction and contamination.

Swiss companies often have to deal with graffiti in particular. The perpetrators prefer to strike under the protection of darkness when there is nobody left in the building. Afterwards they make themselves unnoticed of it.

With a surveillance camera, however, the vandalism has a repercussion. Even in complete darkness she keeps an eye on the uninvited visitors. The day/night cameras with infrared can also cope without light. It records objects, people and vehicles using its infrared radiators. So you have a clear view even in the dark.

Security plus for companies

Burglars and thieves are no longer only interested in private property. They also magically attract commercial properties. In contrast to a residential building, you can calculate when the air is clear – at night, on public holidays and at weekends. No company should be without a professional surveillance camera. The technical security assistant is a valuable support for the company both in the prevention and clarification of criminal offences.
Recognize identification

Even if the company itself is not affected by a criminal offence, it can make a significant contribution to clarifying the situation. The surveillance camera may have observed something suspicious – an important license plate, for example. This little piece of information has already led many a man to success.
Technical Marketing Assistant

The surveillance camera is of great importance not only for the security of customers, employees and partners. Professional video surveillance can also do something for your day-to-day business. Take advantage of the precise power of observation, analyze your business processes and develop appropriate optimization strategies.

Become aware of your rush hours. Inform yourself about your customers. When does he shop with you? What does he buy from you? Develop a comprehensive product analysis. Which products are best received, where is there still a need to catch up?

With the help of the newly gained knowledge, you will be able to create a customer-oriented business concept, target group-specific marketing and more efficient personnel and opening hours planning.

With the tailor-made security concepts from TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG, you can advance your company step by step. Draw added value from your observations. Increase your sales and reduce your losses. All this in compliance with the data protection guidelines.
The all-round concept for the retail trade

In the times of online business, the classic retail trade is quickly starting to falter. How does he keep his customers? Together with the sophisticated monitoring solutions from TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG, he is tackling the new challenges of the digital age. Especially in these areas they help him:

  • The entrance area: The surveillance camera ensures that no unpaid goods leave the store. Additional functions such as person counting assist management in adjusting opening hours.
  • The sales area: The heart of the retail trade has priority. The watchful eye of the surveillance camera protects against theft and helps to ensure optimum product presentation.
  • The cash registers: Protect yourself from fraudsters. High-resolution video makes it easy to fix financial inconsistencies. Invoices and video material can even be synchronized simultaneously in playback mode.
  • The camp: Here thieves feel unobserved. The security camera is taking their security. The sensitive image sensors capture every second – around the clock, in any light.
    The office: conveniently retrieve all collected data. For example, what does the person count show? Have there been any unusual incidents? The NVR system keeps you up to date via email or mobile phone.
  • The car park: Even outside the shops, you want your customers and employees to be safe. The surveillance camera makes sure that you are doing the right thing. Suspicious persons can be tracked down afterwards.
  • Surveillance camera – security made to measure

    When it comes to security, TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG is your contact. Whether for private customers or companies – our experts offer you comprehensive security concepts according to the latest technical standards. But security needs are not the same as security needs. Every private household and every company has its own challenges and demands.

    TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG does not design standard concepts, but individual concepts. You receive tailor-made security strategies. For this we use our professional safety analysis. It reliably analyses the current state of a house or company, uncovers security gaps and suggests tried and tested solutions – according to the motto “We don’t sell products, we sell solutions”.

    Quality is always at the forefront of our advice. So we do not rely on any partners, but also on renowned quality partners. SES, vsd Suisse or inVue are part of our strong network.