Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

The following conditions apply to the delivery and performance of installations and systems of Telsec ESS Schweiz AG (Telsec) unless deviating agreements have been made and confirmed in writing by Telsec.

Binding nature of offers and orders

The offer is binding for 6 months from the date of issue. Any scheduled work and overtime work caused by the customer will be carried out at the hourly rates valid at the time of performance.


The dates will be determined to take into account the normal working days required for performance. Delays caused by the customer can make it difficult or impossible to meet the agreed deadlines. Telsec is not liable for the resulting consequences. If overtime work becomes necessary or other additional costs arise, Telsec reserves the right to charge these. Failure to comply with the delivery date does not entitle the customer to cancel the order or to claim for compensation.

Scope of services

Services not included in the order confirmation will be additionally charged at the rates valid at the time of performance. In particular, the following additional services will be charged separately:
  • Changes or new creation of the performance documents as a result of construction-related adjustments or concept changes
  • Creation of planning documents with detailed wiring or pipe routing
  • Creation of detailed site plans and individual instruction manuals, follow-up instructions and technical support, in particular to third-party pipe fitters and third-party craftsmen
  • Clarification and creation of sketches and diagrams for devices supplied by the customer
  • Circuit-entering of external signaling and switching circuits, which have not been agreed upon with Telsec
  • Unscheduled, construction-related, or by the customer requested additional building site visits
  • The responsibility for the coordination of the various companies involved in the work lies with the builder or the construction management, respectively.
  • Additional expenses for Telsec caused by third parties due to noncompliance with regulations and coordination instructions will be charged separately.
  • In the case of work interruptions and obstructions as a result of extraordinary construction-related circumstances or mandated consideration of regulations linked to the house as well as the resulting activities, such as downtime and waiting times, additional travel time, meals and lodging expenses, etc., separate costs will be charged.

The following work must be carried out by the customer at his or her own expense and responsibility:
  • Electrician, locksmith, bricklayer, painter, and carpenter works
  • Preparation of breaches and recesses
  • All work on the telephone and heavy current network
  • Creation and provision of special assembly aids such as scaffolding, lifting devices, ladders for work above 3 m


Telsec reserves the right to assign installation orders to suitable third-party companies.


If the commissioning by Telsec has been agreed upon, then this will cover:
  • Functional check of the devices supplied by Telsec
  • Switching on the system including adjustment of the system file
  • An instruction of the operating personnel following the commissioning

For scheduled work, the following will be fundamentally charged:
  • Circuit-entering and functional control of “Telsec delivery” devices, such as display panels and BUS components
  • Circuit-entering and functional control of devices supplied by the customer and external signaling and switching circuits
  • Modification and customization work as well as restarting of existing system components
  • Additional expenses for construction-related, step-by-step commissioning and temporary appliances
  • Follow-up inspection of all installations carried out by the customer

Terms of payment

The following applies to device deliveries and services following the VSM and SIA conditions:
  • 30 days net without any deduction of cash discount


The warranty covers the contractual scope of services. If manufacturing or material defects or malfunctions occur within the warranty period, Telsec will replace the devices free of charge, to the exclusion of any further claims. Replaced devices will become the property of Telsec. In particular, the warranty does not comprise:
  • Damage caused by force majeure, extraordinary load or wear, harmful environmental influences, interference with radio transmission, incorrect handling of the system, failure to observe the installation, operating and maintenance instructions, or unauthorized interference.
  • Direct or indirect damage as a result of malfunction or alarm triggering
  • Batteries and rechargeable batteries

The warranty continues for 24 months after commissioning of the entire system or self-contained parts thereof.

Telsec assumes liability for the agreed execution of the work within the scope of the aforementioned warranty conditions. Telsec shall not be liable for the work of third-party companies unless they have been instructed by it directly, even if Telsec takes over the commissioning.

January 2013
Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is CH-8855 Wangen SZ

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