Video surveillance

Our video surveillance offers you the necessary measures to protect yourself, your family and your home.
Axis Videokamera
We offer video surveillance to help you feel secure around the clock. Apart from the most important protection, namely that of your loved ones and your own home, video surveillance is primarily used for theft prevention. And if video surveillance does not scare off a burglar, you'll benefit from the video footage to present it to the police and your insurance company.

Our competent and professional staff install video cameras and recording devices in your desired object. Whether high-end, standard, analog or digital: Our video surveillance systems do not overlook anything. Depending on the choice of system, various software applications are available which help you to quickly filter and export special events. If you are concerned about the legal basis right now, we can reassure you. We also take legal clarifications and always guarantee compliance with current privacy policies.

Video surveillance of your home around the clock

Our video surveillance systems allow you to protect your family and your home. In the meantime, an ideal end-to-end video surveillance solution has been developed with the help of in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise, allowing the monitoring of your premises around the clock. Whether you are travelling or on site, video surveillance gives you more certainty. In order to give you maximum protection, we have been working with renowned brands from all over the world for years. These include Axis, Nuuo, Milestone, Dahua and many more.

We offer you professional solutions with affordable surveillance cameras, video recorders and software including accessories. To make them easy to use, we include user-friendly software and system components in our portfolio. With our video surveillance, we guarantee secure access to your videos, both from the computer and from your mobile device.

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