Alarm system

Our individual alarm system concepts are based on versatile alarm systems. Apart from the classic protection provided by motion detectors and door or window contacts, there are also fire detectors, emergency call push-buttons, safety fog and much more available on request.

Burglar alarm systems offer the following advantages:
  • First of all, they serve as a deterrent. Thus, burglaries are often prevented.
  • The action time of an attempted break-in is minimized.
  • They serve as a support to reconstruct the break-in.
  • Emergency services such as the police, the fire brigade or security services.
  • In case of an emergency, you and other people are alerted via text message and smartphone app.

Through a variety of compatible interfaces, various access control systems can be easily integrated into the alarm system.

An alarm system with a unique control

Our alarm systems allow for a variable and simple use of bus and wireless devices. The system offers a unique and flexible solution for domestic as well as commercial security. The control of the alarm systems is easy to handle and is done by pressing the quick function keys. To better understand the system behind the products, you might compare their control with the one of a traffic light. Telsec ESS Schweiz AG offers more than 50 different types of detectors. Windows and doors are secured by various opening, glass breakage, vibration, and slope sensors.

Smoke and temperature detectors, as well as detectors of explosive gases, are used for fire protection. Glass breakage detectors are used to monitor window and door glazing. Motion detectors are available in many versions for room protection. Environmental detectors such as water detectors or temperature sensors monitor critical conditions.

The alarm center is equipped with a built-in communicator. The system can be controlled by up to 300 users and it has 32 programmable outputs for multi-functional use. Outside areas are protected by infrared barriers and motion sensors. Programmable output modules control garage doors, irrigation systems and many other parts of the home. An integral part of the alarm systems are internal as well as external sirens. System communicators provide for communication between the users and the alarm receiving points. Monitoring, control, and programming can be activated via their online platform. Our alarm systems also enable you to operate them easily via the app.

Protect your home with fog blowers

The aim of the fog blower is to stop intruders from removing objects of value. It serves as an extra protection in addition to the alarm systems. The way these solutions work is easy to understand. After a break-in into your house or flat, the alarm systems and the fog blower activate themselves. With the help of the effusing safety fog, it is possible to reduce the entire visibility to a few centimeters within a few seconds.

In the dense fog, the intruders become disoriented and the theft can be prevented. The safety fog remains effective for around one hour – enough time for the intervention forces to arrive. After that, the fog dissolves without residue, not causing any damage to the inventory. The fog is absolutely non-toxic. Most models can be discreetly mounted in ceilings or behind walls. The effect of the fog can be significantly enhanced by optional accessories such as stroboscope and a special siren.

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