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Video surveillance supports your security in public or private space, around the clock. Whether analog or digital, standard or high-end: Our solutions do not overlook anything. On request, we install a special analysis software for video surveillance. In addition to audiovisual monitoring, it offers features such as motion detection, face and license plate recognition and counting tasks.

If you are concerned about the legal basis right now, we can reassure you. We also take legal clarifications and always guarantee compliance with current privacy policies.

For years, we have been working together with renowned brands from all over the world in order to provide you with maximum protection. These include Axis, Nuuo, Milestone, Dahua and many more.

The main field of application of our video surveillance systems is the surveillance of public or private spaces, traffic and, moreover, technical installations of all kinds.

Our high-end solutions use digital cameras that are connected to a computer via a TCP/IP network. The video streams of the cameras are recorded on the computer or an additional network storage. Several systems can be interconnected and managed centrally by using the special management software.

The development of video surveillance and video analysis

For many companies, security is playing an increasingly important role. In addition to traditional burglar alarm systems, they use the assistance of security experts to a greater extent. Due to this higher demand, the security industry has changed more and more in recent years. Many companies now rely on video analytics software. Not only does this save on staff costs, but the most important progress is accuracy.

Video analytics enable unlimited video surveillance in real time. Nowadays, there are various tools that serve to monitor a wide variety of activities. These include face recognition applications, license plate recognition, people counting, etc. Video analytics provide continuous monitoring and can alert you timely in the event of an incident.

Nowadays, video analyses can be used for:
  • Motion detection
  • Face recognition and reading of license plates
  • People counting and monitoring of dwell time for retail stores
  • Detection of long queues at check-out and sending of alerts

Cloud storage

Modern video surveillance nowadays also offers innovative cloud solutions for the storing of videos. Cloud storage is easy to use and requires minimal equipment. It is sufficient if you have a PC or other device with an Internet connection to watch the video and upload it to the cloud.

For video surveillance systems, there are NVRs, which have been specifically designed for the use with cloud storage. You will have a small hard drive to store videos locally for a short time before they are uploaded to the cloud.

Video surveillance in line with data protection

The installation of a video surveillance system primarily serves as a security measure. In order for you not to get in conflict with the law, certain things must be observed and adhered to. Above all, as an entrepreneur, you have to record the purpose of your video surveillance, for example, that your video surveillance serves as theft prevention. Once video surveillance is in place, persons concerned must be notified about this with a noticeable sign. In addition to the topics mentioned, many more laws must be observed.

Regarding the subject of general data protection regulation, Telsec ESS Schweiz AG will gladly assist you as a competent partner and answer any questions you may have concerning video surveillance and the associated data protection.
Current trend: Retail Solution

Video surveillance has become a relevant security measure in retail stores

In addition to protection against theft, article surveillance, and general security, video surveillance also helps to optimize your business by enabling you to improve your work processes through close observation.

Use the data obtained to accurately track the peak time of your business, customer characteristics, and the buying and searching behaviour of your customers. Use this information to maximize your sales through customer-oriented business design, targeted marketing, and optimal personnel planning.

Keep a close eye on your sales. Increase your turnover and reduce your losses. Benefit from the added value our video surveillance gives to your businesses!

Solutions for the retail trade

In today's world, retailers have to face ever greater challenges. Customer satisfaction and your turnover play a decisive role here. With our solutions, you can counteract these challenges by increasing security and redesigning your work process.

In these areas, video cameras provide optimum protection in your business:
  • Entrance area: Due to the continuously increasing costs, the cameras are used to avoid unnecessary losses. Not only sales are in the foreground, but also the security. Additional features such as people counting serve as an important basis for improving your business.
  • Retail space: As the centrepiece of your business, you should pay particular attention to your retail space. Here, the cameras serve as a prevention against theft and help you with the best possible product placement.
  • Checkout area: To protect yourself and your store from impostors, we offer high-resolution videos that can display your bills and video material at the same time in playback mode if there are any problems.
  • Warehouse: Monitor your warehouse around the clock. Cameras with highly sensitive image sensors capture every second, regardless of the lighting conditions.
  • Office: The required data, such as the people count, can be retrieved at any time. After closing time you will be informed by the NVR system via email or mobile phone in case of unusual incidents.
  • Parking area: Protect both your customers and your employees as well as your business. In case of problems, suspicious persons can be detected quickly.

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