Electronic shelf labels (ESL)

React quickly and without much effort on price changes

An electronic shelf label is modern, flexible and time-saving.

Modern retailers are increasingly realizing that their retail trade needs to be combined with an online store to stay competitive in the marketplace. Electronic shelf labels are used by future-oriented companies to automatically change their products’ price and information changes without manual intervention. Through digital price labels, we create the ideal conditions for linking offline commerce and e-commerce – thus making fast and reliable price changes and shelf labeling easy.

Thanks to wireless technology, content can be changed within seconds using Microsoft Excel. This method allows you to quickly and cost-effectively adjust your prices to the market. Furthermore, the system does not require any IT interfaces and it has a short lead time.

The electronic shelf labels offer you the following advantages:

  • Uniform pricing:
    • Control over the entire price labeling
    • Avoidance of errors
    • Margin optimization
  • Increase in productivity:
    • Reduction of printing costs
    • Reduction of the manual effort
    • Reduction of customer complaints
  • Flexible pricing:
    • Quick deployment in campaigns and offers
  • Future-proof:
    • Easy installation and integration
    • Contribution to a positive shopping experience

The electronic price labels are ideal for any retail store, from small retailers to large supermarket chains. Depending on the company size, we will put together solutions with suitable components for you, whether it is pharmacies, retailers, supermarkets, car dealers, or DIY stores.

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