Article surveillance: Find out everything you need to know here

July 16, 2019

It is important for companies operating in the retail trade or department stores to protect their goods against theft by means of a suitable form of article surveillance. Depending on which products need to be protected, there are special solutions for each. The security solutions that we offer you at TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG are based on proven article surveillance from InVue Security and Cross Point. Find out everything you need to know about article surveillance in this article.

Why innovative article surveillance is so important

Anyone operating a shop or a trading house must protect his goods from unauthorised access by third parties. No matter whether it is a supermarket, a pharmacy, a fashion store or an electronics retailer – it must always be ensured that goods cannot be stolen or can only be stolen under difficult conditions.

Appropriate article surveillance systems make it possible to significantly reduce economic losses caused by stolen goods. With an inventory protection system, you reduce the differences in inventory. By making it as difficult as possible for thieves to steal your products, you reduce the incentives for theft. This means you suffer fewer losses that can damage your business. A suitable form of article surveillance thus makes a decisive contribution to the profitability of your company.

What requirements must an article surveillance system meet?

An article surveillance system must first and foremost fulfil its immediate purpose: It must provide reliable protection against theft of the goods equipped with it. An article surveillance system should, however, fulfil further criteria so that it is an all around worthwhile investment in the security of your goods.

An article surveillance system should not only function effectively, but also be as easy as possible to operate. At TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG we offer you various options for article surveillance that are easy to understand and intuitive to use. They all feature innovative functionality and a modern design.

Depending on which goods you wish to protect, we have different radiofrequency (RF) and acousto-magnetic (AM) systems on offer for you that are distinguished by their high quality. The question of which system is suitable depends on the specific purpose. We will be happy to advise you on the advantages of the respective variants.

Your merchandise security should not affect your customers

Effective functioning is one of the most important characteristics of a commodity security system. At the same time, it is important that the design of the article surveillance system does not disturb your customers. Depending on the security solution, it is possible to attach these flexibly to the goods. For example, they can be designed in color or visually so that they fit in perfectly with their surroundings.

In addition, the security system should not prevent your customers from inspecting the goods. If the reputation of the goods becomes difficult or impossible, prospective customers may decide against buying or buy elsewhere – and you lose income. This can be easily prevented with a sophisticated security system for your goods. It is possible, for example, to paint the respective solution to match or to use printed Plexiglas inlays.

A variant of the article protection is the leash protection. It is used in particular to protect valuable electronic objects against theft. By protecting the products with a leash or partly cordless, they cannot be stolen. Nevertheless, a leash safety device enables interested parties to pick up the product and test it. That’s good for your heel. If the fuse cable is cut or the product leaves a certain radius, an alarm is triggered by the fuse. This is also the case if the sensor is removed.

Innovative security solutions from InVue Security

At TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG, we rely on the proven, high-quality and innovative security solutions from InVue Security for solutions for article surveillance and leash protection. InVue has been manufacturing such products since 2007 and is now regarded as the world market leader for article surveillance and leash protection.

When choosing a security system, you should not only pay attention to the price. If you save in the wrong place, you may get a system you can’t rely on. You should not compromise on the protection of your goods. Rely on the proven quality of InVue Security.

The systems from InVue Security score points on the one hand for their ease of use. This is an important factor for the success of the security system. Application errors caused by complicated operation can easily lead to the system not being able to protect the goods effectively. Another positive aspect for you as a customer is the fact that you are involved in the manufacture of the article protection systems and leash protection systems. Thanks to this cooperation, it is possible to create a security system that is truly tailored to the needs of each customer.

What solutions are available for article surveillance?

If you want to protect your goods reliably against theft, you cannot avoid a suitable security system. It is often difficult for those responsible in shops and companies to assess from which solutions they can benefit the most. Simply delegate this task to the experts at TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG. We are familiar with security solutions of all kinds and will be happy to advise you on which option might be best suited to your particular case. In this way you receive a merchandise security system that offers you the best possible protection.

We give you tips on which article surveillance systems are suitable for you. So it can be a good option to protect your goods with an innovative security key. The InVue OneKey Ecosystem is designed for this purpose. With its innovative technological features, the OneKey Ecosystem is ideal for protecting electronic devices that are on display for testing against theft, for example.

Showcases or drawers in which high-priced products are protected from access by third parties can also be opened digitally with InVue OneKey. This makes it easy to interrupt the security system if necessary – for example, if a customer wants to buy the item that is in a locked display case.

This high quality system is individually coded for each specific purpose and is extremely reliable and user-friendly. With InVue’s OneKey Ecosystem, many individual backups now require only a single electronic key. This makes it particularly practical and convenient.

Tailor-made security solutions from TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG

What’s going on in your store? You can see this at a glance with innovative article surveillance systems such as InVue Insight. This allows interactions with customers, planogram matches and the performance and communication status to be queried. For example, with InVue Insight, you can see how often a device has been picked up and for how long it has been stored. You will also receive information about missing devices and how often an alarm has been triggered for a device.

Such systems work via a cloud. The electronic devices connected to the system – such as smartphones and tablets – send a signal to a web portal. With such solutions you can increase your turnover and achieve your marketing goals.

The InVue T1000, a security system for hanging goods, is also innovative and very effective. Hanging goods are protected with this form of article surveillance. If a customer wants to view such a secured item, he has to press the corresponding button. The product is released with a time delay. Thieves are deterred in this way because it would take a very long time for them to be able to steal several articles in this way.

TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG – your reliable partner for maximum security

No matter what goods you need to protect – at TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG we have the right solution for you. For example, you can protect smartphones and tablets, clothes, spirits or the contents of display cases. Depending on the situation at your site, one system is sufficient. However, it is usually particularly effective when several security solutions are combined in a meaningful way. This is especially true when goods are to be protected in a larger area.

TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG provides you with security solutions you can rely on. If you are interested in further information or have a question about a product, do not hesitate – contact our team today! We offer you high-quality solutions at fair prices.

When you rely on TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG to protect your goods, you benefit from our reliable solutions and our many years of experience with various security systems. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. We take over the installation of your article surveillance and you have the certainty that everything works as intended.

Rely on integrated solutions for optimum protection

Since 2002 we at TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG have been dealing with high-quality security systems of all kinds. We prefer to use holistic solutions, which are generally much more effective in their protective effect than the installation of individual components.

We create individual concepts for you which exactly meet your wishes and ideas. Simply contact us to receive a non-binding offer. We look forward to contributing to the protection of your business.