Alarm system: Better protection for your home

November 8, 2019

Those who not only want to feel completely at home in their own four walls, but also want to feel safe, rely on an alarm system. In addition to the pure alarm system, you have other options to choose from to protect your home. Tailor-made solutions are available from TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG.

Is an alarm worth it?

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. What is necessary for this is also a question of one’s own feelings. The installation of an alarm system is a classic instrument to better protect one’s own apartment or house from unauthorized access. Many people are hesitant and wonder whether an alarm system is really worthwhile in their case because it involves corresponding costs.

With an alarm system you can secure your house or apartment when you are not at home. If you wish, the alarm system can also be armed when you are at home. This is particularly desired by many customers at night. The primary purpose is to monitor windows and doors to ensure that there are no suspicious movements.

An alarm system has a double deterrent effect on intruders

A burglary is not necessarily the result of protracted planning and a targeted attack on an object. Often it is random objects that are to be robbed. Then the home becomes the crime scene into which the perpetrators can penetrate most easily. Often burglars only spend a few minutes trying to get into an object. If they don’t manage to open a door or a window in the shortest possible time, or otherwise get inside the house, they often break off their attempt again and look for another object.

At this point alarm systems are very effective. Not only do they act as a deterrent from the outset when they are clearly visible. They also sound the alarm as soon as an area to be secured shows suspicious movements. The intruder is usually quickly driven into flight by the alarm tone, because the danger of being discovered becomes too great. The alarm not only alerts residents and neighbours to the situation, but also, if desired, security forces or an intervention company. These can be called automatically when the alarm is triggered.

The advantages of alarm systems

On average, every 17 minutes there was a slump in Switzerland in 2018. There were a total of 30,383 burglaries nationwide this year. Not only jewellery, laptops and other electronic devices or cash are stolen. The financial consequences of a burglary are often not the worst aspect from the point of view of those affected.

In many cases, the shock of the burglary itself is more serious for those affected. Many people do not feel safe within their own four walls, even when the door is locked. The thought that strangers could gain access at any time with more or less effort is usually very stressful. Fears often spread and well-being is permanently disturbed.

With the installation of an alarm system, you do a lot to ensure that there is no attempt to break into your own home in the first place. Burglars who become aware of an alarm system often refrain from attempting to break in from the outset. If a burglary does occur, the burglar alarm system helps to minimize the time of the crime. The burglar is disturbed by the alarm and usually prefers to leave the house as quickly as possible without stealing.

Alarm systems can also be used to reconstruct burglaries. In addition, not only help services such as the police and fire brigade can be notified, but also you as the owner and, if desired, other persons.

Alarm system: What are the options?

At TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG we offer you individual alarm system concepts, which we can put together for you according to your wishes. On the one hand, these are alarm systems in the conventional sense. Doors and windows are protected by various sensors such as magnetic contacts or glass breakage detectors. Internal and external sirens sound an alarm when motion is detected inside the vehicle by a motion detector. Garage doors can also be secured with it.

In addition to motion sensors, infrared barriers are also used. At TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG we offer our customers more than 50 different types of detectors. For example, it is possible to protect windows with glass breakage sensors. Other detectors detect when a window or door is opened or there is vibration.

The individual detectors converge at the alarm system control centre. Up to 512 outputs can be individually installed and programmed. You determine which up to 2500 persons are allowed to control the system. So it is possible that not only you and your family turn the alarm on or off, but also the cleaner or the dog sitter.

The alarm centre can be controlled and programmed via an online platform. The range also includes an app for smartphones and tablets, which makes it even easier for external users to access the alarm system settings while on the move.

How can the alarm system be extended?

With an alarm system that secures all areas of your home and its exterior, you can be sure that your house or apartment is well protected. The protection becomes even better if you extend your alarm system individually. For this purpose, the alarm system is combined with other security elements.

For example, it is also possible to install a fire detector, emergency call button, security fog or other means to protect your home. The different types of access control can all be managed in the central alarm system.

A fog generator provides even more effective protection for your home and is the ideal addition to an alarm system. This makes it possible not only to trigger the siren sound in the event of an alarm, but also to spray a fine fog from the fog machines. This effectively reduces visibility to just a few centimetres within just a few seconds.

If a burglar gets into such a fog, he quickly becomes disoriented. His attempt to steal valuables is disturbed, the priority is now mostly to leave the house quickly. The fog machines can be installed behind walls or in the ceiling in such a way that they are hardly visible. They do not interfere with everyday life.

If the fog is sprayed in the event of an alarm, this effect lasts for about an hour. The agent then dissolves without leaving any residue. The fog will not damage your furniture and walls. It is also non-toxic and therefore does not pose a safety risk for the occupants of the house or guests.

On request, alarm systems can also be combined with other security systems such as video surveillance or electronic access control.

What is important?

Before you commission the installation of an alarm system, you should consider which security elements might be useful in your case. The best way to do this is to consult a security expert such as TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG. Our security experts will create an individual security concept for you based on your wishes and the specifications of your home.

With this security analysis, we uncover possible weak points that can endanger security. Depending on the circumstances in the individual case, we will be happy to advise you which safety elements can best protect you.

Rely only on high-quality burglar alarm systems. Not only the quality itself is important, but also how compatible the systems are with other means of backup that you may want to use. Your alarm system should have suitable interfaces for this and thus be easily expandable.

Also make sure you choose an experienced provider who offers you not only the greatest expertise, but also a comprehensive service. So you know that you always have a reliable contact when it comes to the security of your home – as with Telsec ESS Schweiz AG.

This is why you should rely on TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG for your alarm system

Since spring 2002, Telsec ESS Schweiz AG has been working for the security of its customers. The company was founded as an offshoot of Telsec ESS Netherlands. Since then, we have specialised in the creation of tailor-made security concepts. Our motto is: We do not sell products, but solutions. That is why security consulting is such an important part of our offer. You only profit from security systems that are really suitable for your house. Which security systems these are always depends on the individual case.

Due to our many years of experience in the security sector, we are familiar with all the details concerning the protection of homes, people and goods. So you have the certainty of having an expert at your side who will advise you comprehensively.

Our experts now serve more than 5,500 private and business clients throughout Switzerland and beyond. Every second retailer in Switzerland relies on Telsec ESS Schweiz AG for security issues. Our customers also include many well-known companies. You too can rely on proven expertise – with a tailor-made security concept from Telsec ESS Schweiz AG. If you would like further information or an offer, please contact us.