Access control: Protect your property

July 19, 2019

In order to have access to a certain area, a key is no longer necessary. There are numerous intelligent access control systems that eliminate the need to carry a bunch of keys around. With such access control, private and business customers can better protect their property – and determine exactly who should have access to a house or premises. In this article you can find out which systems are available and what their advantages are.

Who is an access control suitable for?

Innovative access control systems are suitable for use in professional environments. Owners thus protect their property against access by unauthorised third parties. With an access control system, you can secure your warehouse or only a specific area where sensitive data is stored.

You define who gets access and in which period. You also have more control over who is moving in a particular area. This makes it easier, for example, to solve a theft.

An intelligent access control system is also advantageous for private owners in many respects. Access control systems eliminate the need for your traditional key. You can also let people into your house or apartment who would otherwise need a key. With such a system you increase the security in your home.

How does access control work?

There are different systems of access control. Which one is best suited depends on the situation on site and your wishes. Access control systems that use biometric criteria are popular. These include fingerprint, vein and iris scanners, all of which are considered very reliable. Alternatively, a code or badge reader can be used to control access to a particular area.

Fingerprint scanners are now used very frequently. They are one of the most secure and popular variants of electronic access control. Each fingerprint is unique and enables unique identification. That makes abuse difficult. In the meantime, there are also 3D terminals that work without touching anything – like those from Touchless Biometric Systems.

Iris scanners are also a good way to clearly identify people and give them access to the protected area. The iris of adult humans no longer changes. Integrated cameras scan the person’s iris with high reliability. Exceptions can exist if the eyes change due to a disease.

People can also be seen through their veins. Every person has unique veins, which also makes a vein scanner a secure access control system. The scanner checks the veins on the inner surface of the hand.

What are the advantages of electronic access control systems?

Electronic access control systems have numerous advantages. One advantage is obvious: no key is needed anymore. This is not only practical for private use, because it eliminates the ballast you otherwise carry around with you. In business, a system without a regular key is particularly helpful where employees would otherwise have to carry many different keys.

However, electronic access control is primarily more secure than conventional security with a normal key. If you install such systems, you are preventing misuse.

You are flexible when it comes to who you grant access to the protected area and for how long. You can enable or revoke this access at short notice if the person concerned is to be kept away from the area. You can define for each room or door who should be able to open them and who not. You grant access flexibly and individually.

An access control system also stores which persons received access when. This gives you better control over the movements of people in this area. You can easily understand who was there and when.

Electronic access control systems offer you many options for further individualisation. If you use a fingerprint scanner, for example, you can personalise the touchscreens as you wish.

The various access control variants are also intuitive to use and easy to understand. They can be conveniently controlled from a distance. For example, you can grant or revoke access authorisation or make other settings with the associated app.

Pioneering Systems: Touchless Biometric Systems, Ekey Multi and BWO Handvenen Biometrics

When you commission TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG with the installation of an electronic access control system, we rely on renowned manufacturers of high-quality systems. This gives you the best possible protection. The Swiss company Touchless Biometric Systems offers extremely reliable and flexible solutions.

Non-contact systems are gaining ground in access control. There is no need to touch the scanner. This is not only advantageous for a reduced germ load. Touchless Biometric Systems invented non-contact 3D technology. Since then, the company has been considered a trendsetter in the industry and a market leader. The biometric specialist’s systems for access control and time recording enable optimum control over certain areas.

The systems work very precisely and discreetly. Optically they convince by a timeless design, which is particularly functional. Touchless Biometric Systems systems are equally suitable for small, medium-sized and large companies and private individuals. You benefit from a tailor-made offer that is tailored to your specific purpose. Private individuals can also protect their home or a specific area with biometric access systems.

BWO Handvenen Biometrics is currently also conquering the Swiss market. Thanks to the unique vein pattern of each person, safety is raised to a new level. The hidden veins are used for authentication. This technology offers particularly high protection against counterfeiting.

The Ekey Multi – define access flexibly

Ekey Multi also offers an innovative access control system. Ekey Multi works by scanning the fingerprint. With Ekey Multi you can control up to three functions. For example, it is possible to protect not only your entrance door, but also your garage or alarm system. You determine yourself what is secured with the Ekey Multi.

Thanks to the innovative system, you never have to think about your key again. It is no longer necessary to have to dig for the key, which is of course at the bottom of the bag, when you are heavily loaded with shopping. If you no longer have to carry a key around with you, this not only makes the weight of your bag or handbag easier. You don’t have to worry about losing your key anymore. This can quickly become expensive, especially with business keys. With electronic access control, these concerns are a thing of the past.

Ekey Multi not only gives you access to the protected area yourself. You can also let your family, friends or acquaintances in. You can grant authorizations for up to 99 persons. With the system it is also possible to limit the access time. For example, save the fact that your dog’s domestic helper, a cleaner or a walker is allowed into the house at a certain time. Thanks to the flexible settings, you don’t have to worry that these people can generally enter your home, office or other area.

User-friendly systems simplify operation

Up to four finger scanners can be managed with the Ekey Multi via one control unit. The system creates an access log so that you can easily track who moved in the area. Access with a card (RFID) is also possible on request. Ekey Multi systems are available in different models – surface-mounted, flush-mounted, Integra and with keypad. This makes it easy to integrate the system into its environment in the best possible way.

Innovative access control systems also score with their simple operation. They are usually designed to be particularly user-friendly and can often be controlled intuitively. The Ekey Multi App can be used to easily control the Ekey Multis from a distance. You also receive a five-year quality guarantee on this access control system.

Can access control be combined with other security systems?

At TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG, we are convinced that the best security systems are those that harmonize optimally with each other in individual cases and complement each other as well as possible. You always have the option of installing only one backup system. In our experience, however, holistic solutions are always preferable. Intelligently combined systems provide the best protection for your property. An access control system can be easily expanded and combined with other security systems for your home, business or property.

For example, an electronic access control system can be supplemented with an alarm system. This gives you very good protection. It is easy to network access control with a burglar alarm system. An alarm system or burglar alarm system acts as a deterrent to possible burglars. In the event of an alarm, security services can be automatically notified so that they are on site as quickly as possible. The burglar is also disturbed by the alarm. This makes it less likely he’ll succeed with his theft.

At TELSEC ESS Schweiz AG we offer you tailor-made security solutions for every need. We believe that the one perfect system does not exist. Optimally suitable is what fits best in the individual case. We will be happy to advise you on how you can best protect your company or your home. The security systems we offer include access control, alarm and burglar alarm systems, video surveillance and article surveillance systems. Do you have any questions about our offers? Send us a message or give us a call!